Mar 26

onohara_mar26“Don’t worry, you’re not late. You’re right on time! I was just a little early.” 「大丈夫よ、遅刻じゃないから。時間通りよ!私のほうがちょっと早かっただけ。」

On timeとは予定通りの時間です。遅くも早くもありません。

If you are “on time”, you arrive at the time that was planned.

“Sorry I’m late! Am I in time to see the trailers?” 「遅れてごめん!予告編まだ?」
“Yes, you only missed the ads.” 「大丈夫よ、まだCMしか見逃してない。」

On timeより遅くてもin timeはありえます。例えば、待ち合わせには遅れたが、電車はまだ出発していませんからin time for the trainです。または、学校の演劇の始まりは見逃したが、まだ自分の子供の出番ではない。

You can be too late to be “on time” but still arrive “in time” for something. For example you’re late to meet your friend, but the train hasn’t left yet. Or you missed the beginning of your child’s school play but not the scene that your child is in.

早すぎた場合on timeとは言えませんがin timeは余裕で言えます。

Also, if you are very early, you’re not “on time” but you are definitely “in time”.

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Mar 19


On March 17, remember to wear something green! A green shirt, green socks, even a green pin or hair-tie. If students go to class without wearing anything green, they may be pinched by their classmates. This year, St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Sunday, so students could breathe a sigh of relief.

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Mar 15

3月3日(日)に小野原 多文化交流センター(小野原図書館)の2階講座室Bにて






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Mar 12

onohara_mar12_wikimediacommons近藤 麻理恵の本「人生がときめく片付けの魔法」は30以上の国で出版されています。タイム・マガジンの2015年の「世界に影響を与えるトップ100人」の一人で、今ネットフリックスの番組で人気が再燃しています。「ときめく」を英語で「spark joy」に訳して、ときめかないものを手放すことで人生を片付ける方法を教えています。東京生まれの彼女は今カリフォルニア州に住んでいます。

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has been published in over 30 countries. She was one of Time Magazine’s “100 most influential people” in 2015, and now her popularity has resurged due to a two-part show on Netflix. She teaches people how to de-clutter their lives by letting go of objects that don’t “spark joy”. Born in Tokyo, she now lives in California.

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Mar 05


The most popular dog breed in the US (as of 2017) is the Labrador Retriever. It’s called a “retriever” because it was bred to retrieve (or bring back) birds and other animals killed by hunters. Labradors come in the colors yellow, black and chocolate.

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