Jun 30

onohara_june30“Police are looking for a suspect described as a tall, brown-haired Caucasian man in his thirties.”
“Police suspect the fire was arson.”

“Suspect” can be a verb or a noun. As a noun, it’s a person who is thought to have committed a crime. As a verb, it means to think something is true but not know for sure.


Suspect は動詞でも名詞でもありえます。名詞としては、罪を犯したと思われる人です。動詞としては、証拠はないけれどそうだと思うことです。

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Jun 26

happyvalleyWe are delighted to announce our newest videos, now uploaded to our YouTube channel – Happy Valley TV.

1 – The Hello Song.
2 – The Goodbye Song.
3 – The Phonics Song.

Classroom Tip
The Hello Song, Goodbye Song and Phonics song are ones we use in class each day. If you have a tablet or computer in your classroom, try letting Kinka and Pinka lead the greeting by having students do the songs with the video. After, everyone can greet each one another with Hello and Goodbye. For the Phonics Song likewise, let kids do the song and dance with Kinka and then do activities and games with you and their classmates.

At Home Tip
Before doing homework, play the Hello Song and greet your child in English. Then, do the Student Book homework. After, play the Phonics Song. Sing and do the gestures with Kinka, before doing the phonics homework. Finally, play the Goodbye song and greet your child saying, “Goodbye.” This ends English time. Making this a routine is a nice way for you and your child to enjoy English together, which all teachers will tell you improves not only yours but especially your child’s English. Have fun!

YouTubeチャンネル、Happy Valley TV でご覧いただけます。

1 – The Hello Song.
2 – The Goodbye Song.
3 – The Phonics Song.



Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

ご意見をお聞かせ下さい! どの様にこのビデオを活用しましたか? ヒントは役に立ちましたか?あなたの動画を是非見てみたいです。

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to get automatic updates – more videos coming soon!

Happy Valley TV をチャンネル登録してくださいね。追加のビデオを近々アップします!

See you soon! またね!

Happy Valley ハッピーバレー

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Jun 23

onohara_june23In the U.S., Canada and Australia, it is normal for schools (after elementary school) to publish a yearbook at the end of the school year. This book contains pictures of all the students and also features about student activities and events that happened that year.


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Jun 16

onohara_june16“Mom said to clean your room.”
“Dad said to be nice to your brother.”

This is a simple way to relay instructions from someone. It’s a bit shorter than, “Mom said you should clean your room,” or, “Dad said you have to be nice to your brother.”



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Jun 09

onohara_june9_wikimediacommonsThe Maine Coon is the largest breed of housecat. This breed developed naturally, rather than being bred by humans, and comes from the northeastern state of Maine. These cats have long thick fur suited for a cold environment and gentle personalities.


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Jun 02

onohara_june2Have you ever had a day when you needed to study but just couldn’t concentrate? Sometimes it can help to bribe yourself with candy! Lay out the pages you want to review on your desk, and place a couple candies on each page. While reading, when you reach a candy, you can eat it! But no cheating; you have to pay attention to the material!


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