May 26

portrait of a black catSalem is a city in Massachusetts. In 1692 and 1693, people suspected of being witches were put on trial there. As a result, 20 people, mostly women, were put to death. Now when someone is looking for someone to punish even though there might not have been any crime committed, we call it a “witch hunt”.

セイラムはマサチューセッツ州にある町です。この町で1692と1693年に魔女だと疑われた人を裁判にかけました。判決は、ほとんどの女性20人が死刑にされました。今では、罪を犯したかどうか分からないのに、無理に罰を与える人を探し出すことを witch hunt(魔女狩り)と言います。

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May 19

onohara_may19wikimediacommonsChris Pratt dropped out of college and was at one point homeless. However, he is now very successful. After playing many supporting roles in TV and movies, he starred in The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. He will also be in an upcoming Jurassic Park sequel.


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May 12

onohara_may12wikimediacommonsIn North America, you can tell the difference between a venomous coral snake and another similar-looking snake by the pattern of their stripes. There are many variations of this mnemonic:

Red next to yellow, kill a fellow. Red next to black, friend of Jack.

If the red and yellow stripes are touching, it’s a deadly coral snake. If the red and black stripes are touching, it’s a different, harmless snake. (In other parts of the world, red-black snakes can also be dangerous.)





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