Apr 28




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Apr 28

level crossing gate“A local man saw the train accident and pressed the emergency button at the railway crossing.”

An accident is something that happens even though nobody intended it to. Usually it refers to something bad, such as a car crash, or when you accidentally step on someone’s foot. There is such a thing as a “happy accident”, but in that case we are more likely to use the word “coincidence”.


Accident は誰も望まなかったけれど起きてしまったことです。通常は交通事故や人の足を踏むこと等、良くない事ですが、happy accident (幸せな事故)もあります。この場合はaccident というよりも、 coincidence「偶然」と呼ぶことが多いです。

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Apr 21

onohara_apr21Rattlesnakes can be found in both North and South America. They have a venomous bite and are named for the rattles at the ends of their tails. They don’t usually bite humans unless they feel threatened. When you hear the rattle, you should move away from the snake.


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Apr 14

onohara_apr14“We found a big snake in the yard and everyone was afraid of it, even Mom and Dad.”
“Everyone in our family has blue eyes, even the cat.”
“The whole class passed the test, even Jimmy.”

“Even” shows that something is included in a group that was mentioned, even though it’s unexpected.


Even は、意外なことや、言及したグループに含まれることを示します。

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Apr 07

onohara_apr7In Japan, it is always the same time in Hokkaido as it is in Okinawa. But the USA is wider, so it is four hours later on the east coast than the west coast. The continental US is divided into four time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. But it actually has six time zones: Hawaii and Alaska are also separate time zones.


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