Mar 31

onohara_mar31Write a quiz for a friend. Deciding how to make the questions will help you deepen your understanding of the material. If your friend gets a question wrong, explaining the correct answer will also help you. Save the quiz and correct answers to review yourself later.


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Mar 24

onohara_mar24The U.S. produces the most corn of any country in the world. Iowa and Illinois are the states that grow the most corn, followed by Nebraska, the “Cornhusker State”. Driving through Iowa, you can see fields of corn that go on and on for miles.

世界中の国々の中でアメリカ合衆国がトウモロコシを一番多く生産しています。アイオワ州とイリノイ州が最も多く、その次が Cornhusker State (トウモロコシの皮をむく州)と呼ばれるネブラスカ州です。アイオワ州をドライブすると、何マイルも続くトウモロコシ畑が見えますよ。

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Mar 17

onohara_mar17wikimediacommonsSam Simon died recently, on March 8, 2015. He was most well-known for co-creating the famous American cartoon, The Simpsons in 1989. He left the show in 1993 but continued to do award-winning work on television. He made a lot of money from the Simpsons and used some to help poor people and homeless dogs. He also enjoyed poker.


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Mar 10

onohara_mar10_publicdomainRaggedy Ann is a classic American doll invented in 1915. She has red yarn hair, a blue dress, and a triangle nose. She was sold along with a book of stories. She has a brother named Raggedy Andy. Many more books, dolls, and even movies were made of the two siblings.


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Mar 04

cherry3月1日~4月18日まで スプリング キャンペーン実施中!入会金が無料です!




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Mar 03

onohara_mar3“The judge handed down a verdict of not guilty.”

A verdict in the news is usually a decision by a legal system saying whether someone accused of a crime will be punished or not. If there isn’t enough evidence to prove someone is guilty, they will get a verdict of “not guilty”. “Verdict” can be used in casual English for other judgments. “Here, try these cookies I baked. Well, what’s the verdict? Are they any good?”


ニュースに出てくるVerdict とは、容疑者が罰せられるかどうかについて法律制度が下す評決です。有罪にする為の証拠が不十分な場合は無罪になります。 Verdict は通常のカジュアルな会話にも使えます。「私が焼いたクッキーを食べてみてよ。さあ、味はどう?美味しい?」

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