Feb 24

onohara_feb24_wikimediacommonsThe Appaloosa is a kind of horse with a colorful spotted coat. These horses often have spots like leopards, or big white patches with colored spots. They also have striped hooves. The Nez Perce were famous Appaloosa breeders until the 1870s.


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Feb 17

onohara_feb17“I tried climbing the hill to get a better view of the city.”
“I tried to climb the hill, but it was just too tall.”

Sometimes there is a big difference between the “to” form and the “-ing” form of a word. When a verb like “climbing” follows “try”, it means you do something to see what happens. When it’s “to climb” instead, it means you attempt something but it may be too difficult.


to がつく形と ing がつく形では大きく違うことがあります。 try の後に climbing のような動詞が来ると、「どうなるのかなと思って何かをしてみる」という意味になります。代わりに to climb の場合は、「頑張ってしようとするが無理かもしれない」という意味になります。

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Feb 10

onohara_feb10The peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or PBJ, is a popular and easy lunch food in North America. If the bread is already cut, young children can make their own sandwich without using anything sharp. It contains carbohydrates, protein, and fruit, so if you add carrot sticks it can be a balanced meal.


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Feb 03

onohara_feb3If you have the chance, travelling to another country is a great opportunity to use English in real life. Even if you don’t go to a country where English is the primary language, you might find more people who speak English than Japanese. Successfully navigating your trip can build confidence, and the problems you encounter can motivate you to learn more.


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