Jan 27

onohara_jan27Rosie the Riveter is a famous poster used to encourage women to work jobs when men were not available due to fighting in World War II. Now it is a common image associated with the idea that women can do anything men can.

Rosie the Riveter(リベット工のロージー)は、第二次世界大戦中に男性の働き手がない時、女性に仕事をするように促す為に作った有名なポスターです。今では、男性にできることは女性にもできるという意味のイメージとしてよく使われます。

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Jan 20

onohara_jan20_wikimediacommons354px-Ellen_DeGeneres_(2004)If you watched the movie Finding Nemo in English, you heard Ellen as the voice of Dory the fish. She is a popular actress and comedian in the U.S. and has a long-running talk show on TV. She’s well-known for coming out as a lesbian in 1997.


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Jan 13

onohara_jan13One of the most amazing sights in the U.S. is the Grand Canyon. It was made by the Colorado River in the state of Arizona. It’s 446 kilometers long, and as wide as 29 kilometers. You can’t understand how big it is from a picture. You have to see it in person.


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Jan 06

onohara_jan6“Charges of corruption have hurt the senator’s reputation.”

When someone takes advantage of their position for their own benefit instead of doing their job correctly, we say they are corrupt. This usually refers to people in a position of power who are supposed to use their power to help others, but don’t.



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Jan 05

IMG_0003New Year キャンペーン!

2月8日までに新規ご入会で入会金が 無料 になります!




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