Dec 20

Winter holiday 2014年末年始お休みのお知らせ



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Dec 16

onohara_dec16_wikimediacommonsIn the U.S. and Canada, many people drink eggnog around Christmastime. Traditionally, it’s a drink made with milk or cream, sugar, egg and cinnamon or nutmeg. Sometimes it also contains alcohol.


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Dec 09

onohara_dec9“How many times have you read this book?”
“I don’t know, ten? It’s my favorite.

“How much time did you spend reading this week?”
“Only a couple hours. I was pretty busy with homework.”

“How many times” counts separate instances in which something happened. “I knocked three times on the door.”

“How much time” measures the amount of time spent, usually on only one occasion. “I watched TV for three hours yesterday.”



How many times は何かが起きた回数を数える時に使います。「3回ドアをノックした。」

How much time は1つの事に費やす時間を表します。「昨日は3時間テレビを観た。」

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Dec 02

onohara_dec2_wikimediacommonsHowdy Doody was a children’s television show that aired from 1947 to 1960. The title character was a smiling cowboy puppet. His name comes from the phrase “How do you do?” The show also featured a man named Buffalo Bob as well as other human and puppet characters.

「ハウディードゥーディー」は1947年~1960年まで放送された子供向けのテレビ番組です。ハウディードゥーディーは笑顔が可愛いカウボーイのキャラクター(人形)です。名前の由来は How do you do?(はじめまして)という意味のフレーズです。他にバッファローボブを含む人間と人形のキャラクターが登場しました。

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