Nov 25

onohara_nov25When you have to memorize a small amount of information exactly (for example, a vocabulary list), here is one method you can use. First, write down all of the information that you remember. Then check it and fill in anything you couldn’t remember correctly. Then do it again. Repeat until you know it all by heart. Do it again later so you won’t forget.


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Nov 18

onohara_nov18The “Rust Belt” is a region in the north-east U.S. that used to have a strong manufacturing industry but then lost most of its manufacturing jobs in the second half of the twentieth century. “Belt” often refers to a region with a certain characteristic (especially if it is stretched out horizontally), and “rust” brings to mind the image of abandoned, rusting machinery.

Rust Belt ラストベルト(直訳すると錆の帯)は、重工業が盛んだったアメリカ北東地域のことで、20世紀後半にその大半の雇用がなくなりました。Belt(ベルト)は、ある特徴を共有する地域(特に横に細長い場合)の名前によく使われる単語です。Rust(錆)は放置されて錆びていく機械のイメージを思い浮かばせます。

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Nov 11

onohara_nov11_wikimediacommonsEmma Watson is most well-known for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. She was born in Paris to English parents and lived there for five years. She wanted to be an actress when she was only six years old. She was in many plays as a
child but began her career with Harry Potter.


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Nov 04

onohara_nov4Niagara Falls actually consists of three waterfalls found on the border of New York (in the U.S.) and Ontario, Canada. Their names are the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Niagara is a popular tourist destination, and some brave people have ridden over the falls in barrels (but not all survived).


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