Oct 28

Style: "Agfa"“Two journalists and three civilians were injured in the explosion.”

Journalists are people whose job is to bring the news to the rest of the world. Some journalists face danger as they report on wars or terrorist attacks. Journalists may be allowed into areas where civilians can’t go in order to gather information.



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Oct 21

onohara_oct21You can find a few kinds of breakfast cereal in Japan, but in U.S. grocery stores there are huge aisles full of colorful boxes. Many cereals advertise during children’s TV programs with colorful cartoon mascots. Most of the cereals are sweet and some have little colored marshmallows. It’s an easy breakfast—just add milk—but maybe not the healthiest.


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Oct 14

onohara_oct14“When you bake a cake, you need to pre-heat the oven.”

“If you press that button, the bomb will explode.”

“When” tells what happens at a certain time, in this case, a time in which you bake a cake. It presumes that you will bake a cake at some time or other. “If” gives a condition that may or may not be fulfilled. If you do press the button, the bomb will explode. If you don’t press the button, it won’t.




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Oct 07

onohara oct 7In the U.S. and some other countries, a popular way of raising funds is to hold a bake sale. For example, to raise funds for school activities, parents donate cakes, cookies or other baked treats, which are then sold. Sometimes the organization arranging the sale might provide recipes to the bakers.


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