Sep 30

onohara sept 30If you study two similar topics on the same day, it can be easy to get them confused. It might be better to study different topics close together, so it will be easier to keep them straight. For example, if you have been studying a grammar topic, study some vocabulary next and put off other grammar topics until tomorrow.


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Sep 16

onohara sept 16The US and some other countries change their clocks twice a year to make better use of the long daylight hours in summer. In spring, clocks are set forward one hour, so the sun comes up later in the day. That way, people don’t have to get up earlier in the morning to take advantage of the longer day.


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Sep 09

sept 9Sir Paul McCartney is a self-taught musician, best known as one of the Beatles. Songs written by him and John Lennon are some of the most popular of the 20th century. He continued making music after the Beatles broke up, and is still releasing music today. However, he is said not to be able to read sheet music.


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Sep 04






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Sep 02

sept 2In the US, George Washington is on the one dollar bill, and Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill. The next smallest bill is ten dollars. It features Alexander Hamilton. He was never president, but he was Secretary of the Treasury when George Washington was president.



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