Aug 26

aug 26“The politician was accused of accepting bribes.”

If someone says someone has done something bad, the first person has accused the second person of doing that thing. An accusation might appear in the news if the people involved are important, but if the person is only “accused”, we still don’t know if the accusation is true.



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Aug 19

aug 19In a bookstore in the US, you might see a display of bright yellow and black booklets with the titles of famous books. But they look too thin to be these difficult books! Actually they are “study aids” called Cliffs Notes. Supposedly, students who are assigned these books for school can read the Cliffs Notes to gain more insight into the book. If some students cheat in class by reading only the Cliffs Notes and not the book, that’s their own responsibility!


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Aug 09






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Aug 05

aug 5 alt“I’m on the way to the store right now, but there was a big storm last night and a fallen tree is in the way.”

When you’re “on the way” it means you are in the middle of going somewhere. But if you’re “in the way” it means you are blocking someone’s path. Get out of the way so I can be on my way!


「On the way」とは行く途中、移動中です。「In the way」の場合は、誰かの行く道を塞いでいる、つまり邪魔です。行くからどいてちょうだい!

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