Apr 26




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Apr 22

apr22 wikimedia commonsArbor Day is a holiday that celebrates trees. In the U.S. it is held on different days in different states. It’s a similar holiday to Greenery Day in Japan. The word “arbor” means “tree” in Latin. You can see its influence in words like “arboreal”, which means “relating to trees”.


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Apr 15

apr15“Today we’ll have a high of 22 and a low of 3 degrees.”

In a weather forecast, the “high” tells you the highest temperature that will be reached for that day. The “low” is the lowest temperature you can expect in that day. This helps you decide how to dress and whether to bring a jacket if you go out.



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Apr 08

apr8Although not as many as Japan, the U.S. has some cherry blossoms, too. Every year there is a National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The Festival celebrates friendship between the U.S. and Japan. Many events such as parades, parties, and a kite festival, are held during the Cherry Blossom Festival.


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Apr 01

apr1“What I need is a cold drink.”
“I saw what you did to my car.”

In the first sentence, “what I need” is the subject of the sentence. In the second, “what you did to my car” is the object. You could rephrase the first sentence as, “I need something. It’s a cold drink.” Now we can clearly see that “it” is the subject of the second sentence, and “it” refers to what “I need”, as explained in the first sentence.



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