Feb 25

feb25Soap operas are long TV dramas that air in the afternoon. They feature a lot of romance and drama. Characters fall in love, get engaged, get married, cheat, break up, and come back from the dead. A character might have an evil twin or get amnesia. They are called “soaps” because they traditionally had a lot of commercials for cleaning products.

「Soap opera」とは昼の連続ドラマです。ロマンスやドラマチックなハプニングが盛りだくさんのストーリーです。登場人物が恋をして、婚約して、結婚して、浮気して、別れて、死んだ人が蘇ったりもします。分身が現れたり、記憶喪失になることも。「Soap」という名前は、もともと洗剤メーカーのCMが多く流れていたので、そう呼ばれるようになりました。

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Feb 18

feb18“Severe” can mean “very bad” or “very strict”, but when we see it in the news, it’s often in the phrase “severe weather”. Severe weather is very bad or dangerous weather. When the weather is severe, the TV or radio will often warn people in the area to stay safe.

「Severe」は「とても悪い」や「厳しい」という意味がありますが、ニュースではよく天気のことで使います。「悪天候 severe weather」はとても悪くて危険な天気です。厳しい天候の場合、よくテレビやラジオが安全のために注意報を流します。

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Feb 04

feb4The Super Bowl is the most important game in North American Football. The first Super Bowl was played in 1967. On Super Bowl Sunday, many people watch the game on TV and eat lots of snacks, often with friends.


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