Jan 28

jan28“That was dangerous! We could have been killed!”

“Could have” can tell us about something that was possible in the past. It usually means that it didn’t actually happen. It can also be used when the speaker isn’t sure if it really happened or not: “The killer could have worn gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.”


「Could have」は過去に可能だったことを教えてくれます。通常は実際そうならなかったことを言います。また、話し手が本当にそうだったのかがわからない場合にも使えます。例えば「犯人は手袋を使って指紋を残さないようにしたかもしれない」。

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Jan 24

空いた時間に自宅で英語を教えませんか?モダンイングリッシュ@ホーム サービスがスタートします!







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Jan 21

jan21 wikimedia commonsA kazoo is a musical instrument played by humming, rather than just blowing air. It makes a comical buzzing sound. It was invented in America in 1883, although similar instruments already existed in Africa. It is often treated as a toy, but it is occasionally used in professional music.


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Jan 14

jan14Mad Libs is a fun game that teaches parts of speech. You need a short story or passage with some words removed. It should say what type of word is needed for each blank. One person asks each other player for a word in turn, and writes them down. The players providing the words don’t know what kind of story they are helping to complete. When they are finished and the story is read out with the words the players chose, it is usually very funny!


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Jan 07

jan7Have you heard police in movies say these words?

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Police say this when arresting someone in the U.S. It’s called the Miranda warning. Without this warning, they might have trouble using the suspect’s words as evidence in a trial.




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Jan 06


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