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Dec 17

dec17 wikimedia commonsEvery year new Christmas movies appear in theaters. Many people enjoy watching a favorite Christmas movie every year as a holiday tradition. One popular Christmas movie from the 1990s was Home Alone, a comedy about a boy defending his house from robbers. It starred Macaulay Culkin, an actor from New York. He went on to star in a sequel and many other movies.


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Dec 10

dec10In the U.S., there are major holidays in October, November, and December. The correct time to start decorating for Christmas, which is at the end of December, is after Thanksgiving, at the end of November. When decorations are put up earlier than this, many people will complain about how long the Christmas season is.


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Dec 03

dec3“The suspect was arrested at his home two hours after the incident.”

If the police think you have committed a crime, they can arrest you. This is so you cannot run away before the trial. The word “arrest” originally meant just to stop something from moving.



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