Nov 26

nov26These days, it is not so unusual for a girl to invite a boy on a date. But traditionally, boys have invited girls. In the 1930s, the Sadie Hawkins Dance was invented. For this event, girls must invite boys. It was named after a newspaper comic character. These dances are still held sometimes in America.


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Nov 25

モダンイングリッシュのキャサリン先生とサイモン先生が作った教材ハッピーバレーが小学館めばえ増刊「クリスマス ひらがな・えいごブック」で紹介されています!只今書店で好評発売中です!
そして、ハッピーバレーの新商品発売!「ハッピーバレー DVD ワークブック」
DVDとワークブックのセット 4,200円(特別価格)
ワークブックのみ  1,575円


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Nov 19

nov19“It is unwise to undo the latch on an unusual box with unknown contents.”

The prefix “un” means “not”. Something that is not usual is unusual. Something that is not known is unknown. If a knot has been tied, you can untie it. Some mistakes can be undone.



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Nov 12

nov12National Novel Writing Month is an event that started in California in 1999. Abbreviated NaNoWriMo, it is free for anyone in the world to join, although it is still most popular in the U.S. All you have to do is try to write a 50,000 word novel within the month of November. If you reach 50,000 words, you win! Remember to edit before trying to get published!


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Nov 05

nov5Karaoke can be a fun way to study. Choose a song you like that was written and sung by a native English speaker, to make sure the pronunciation and words are perfectly natural. Make sure you know the melody. You might want to read along with the lyrics a few times to study the pronunciation. Then sing it at karaoke!


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