Sep 24

sept24In English, we like to make things shorter and quicker to say. We often say things like, “She’s in class,” instead of, “She is in class.” If you always use the longer form, you may sound too formal. We use an apostrophe to show that something was left out in the word “she’s”. When we shorten “not” in words like “don’t” or “isn’t”, the apostrophe replaces the letter O.

英語では、早く言えるように短くすることが多いです。例えば、「彼女なら授業中です」と言う場合は「She is in class」ではなく「She’s in class」とよく言います。いつも長い方を使うと、フォーマルすぎる印象を与えてしまうことがあります。「She’s」という言葉に何かが省略されたとわかるようにアポストロフィーを入れます。「Don’t」や「isn’t」などに「not」という単語が短くされる場合、アポストロフィーが文字のOの代わりになります。

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Sep 17

sept17 wikimedia public domainIn 1929 the U.S. stock market crashed. For the next decade, the U.S. and other countries suffered a serious economic downturn. We call it “The Great Depression”. Many banks failed. Prices went down, but unemployment went up. The value of a dollar went up, so people’s debts were harder to pay back.


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Sep 10

Sept-flyer-previewRight now, Modern English and Onohara school are having a new campaign! If you or your child joins, you can get 1 month of lessons free!
This campaign ends October 12, so please contact us and come for a free lesson today!

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Sep 10

sept10You can sign up to receive vocabulary words to review in regular e-mails. If you are good with computers, you might be able to customize your own reminders using e-mail or Twitter. If your English is good already, try vocabulary building programs aimed at native speakers.


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Sep 03

sept3 wikimedia commons“I Have a Dream” is the title of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech. He gave the speech in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963. Over 250,000 people watched King speak from the Lincoln Memorial. Today the U.S. is still reaching for King’s dream of freedom and equality.


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