Aug 27

aug27 wikimedia commonsAvril Lavigne is a singer-songwriter who was born in Ontario, Canada. She released her debut album at the age of 17 and her single “Complicated” reached number 1 in the U.K., making her the youngest woman to do so. Her songs continued to be very successful, and she also appeared in movies and designed clothes and perfumes.


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Aug 20

aug20 public domainIn movies about the American Old West, you might see a shoot-out in a saloon over a poker game. Wild Bill Hickok lived those scenes in real life. Born in 1837, he was a skilled gunman. His real name was James Butler Hickok, but he got his nickname because his nose supposedly looked like a duck’s bill.

アメリカのカウボーイ映画では、酒場でポーカーをやっている最中に、銃撃戦になってしまうシーンがよくあります。ワイルド・ビル・ヒコックはそんな時代に実在した人物です。1837年生まれの腕の立つガンマンでした。本名はジェームズ・バトラー・ヒコックでしたが、たぶん鼻が鴨のくちばし(duck’s bill)に似ていることから、ワイルド・ビル(Wild Bill)というニックネームをつけられました。

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Aug 10




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Aug 06

aug6 alternate“Thousands marched on the capital to protest the government’s actions.”

When people feel strongly about something, they might organize a protest to express their opinion. Many protests are non-violent, but sometimes riots or violence can break out on either side.



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