Jun 25

june25 wikimedia commonsAmerica was the first country to land on the moon, but the first man in space was Russian. His name was Yuri Gagarin, and he completed an orbit of the earth on April 12, 1961. He died in a jet crash in 1968, without returning to space.


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Jun 18

june18Corn (or maize) is the most widely grown crop in the Americas. Almost half is used to make ethanol. If you travel to the north central U.S. you will probably see many corn fields. Because the U.S. has so much corn, it is a cheap ingredient for many foods.


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Jun 12


にんプリのインタビューは こちら!

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Jun 11

june11“Austerity” means going without things you would like. It can be by choice or by necessity. In the news, “austerity” often refers to cutting government spending. Some believe that the government should spend less to save money, even if it has to stop providing services. Others say that reducing spending and services only makes the economy worse.


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Jun 04

june4 wikimediaStarting in the 1960s, Sea-Monkeys were advertised in comic books. You could order them by mail, add water, and have some awesome pets! The Sea-Monkeys were actually brine shrimp. Many children were disappointed that the shrimp did not resemble monkeys.


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