Apr 25

april25 wikimediaDr. Seuss was a famous children’s book author. His real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel. He wrote simple but fun books, such as The Cat in the Hat. He wrote the book Green Eggs and Ham to win a bet that he could not write a book using only fifty different words.


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Apr 23

april23In most American schools, students have individual schedules and walk to different classrooms all day to take their classes. If you are lucky, your friends will take some of the same classes at the same times. If you are unlucky, you will have to walk across the school to your locker and again to your next class in the short break between classes.


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Apr 18

april18A crisis is a very serious situation. Something very bad has happened, or could happen. When very fast inflation destroys the wealth of a country, that is an economic crisis. When a hurricane floods a city, that is also a crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a crisis because a nuclear war almost started.


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Apr 16

april16When an American says “possum” we usually mean the Virginia Opossum. It has shaggy gray fur, a white face, and hairless tail and toes. It has a pouch like a kangaroo. Possums are known to play dead when threatened, so playing dead is called “playing possum”.

アメリカ人が「ポッサム」と言えば、オーストラリアのポッサムではなく、バージニアオポッサムのことを指します。灰色の毛、白い顔、毛のない尻尾と指を持つ動物です。カンガルーと同じような袋があります。危険が迫ると死んだふりをするので有名なポッサムなので、死んだふりをすることは「ポッサムのふりplaying possum 」と言います。

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Apr 11

april11Girl: I’ve got a hula hoop. It has pink and blue stripes.
Boy: I have a skateboard. It’s got neon green wheels. Want to trade?
Girl: OK!

When talking about things you have (in your hand now, or back at home), you can say “I have a pen.” or “I’ve got two dogs.” There is not much difference between “I have” and “I’ve got”.


自分が持っているもの(今、手元にあるものや、家にある持ち物)「I have a pen.(私はペンを持っている)」や「I’ve got two dogs.(うちには2匹の犬がいる)」と言えます。「I have」と「I’ve got」は、ほぼ同じ意味です。

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Apr 09

april9 wikimediaDrive-in movie theaters were invented in the 1930s. The movie is projected on a big screen, and customers park their cars and watch from inside. In 1941 they started using in-car speakers for the sound. Drive-in movies were popular in the 1950s and 60s. Parents could bring noisy children without bothering other customers.


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Apr 04

april4It is a good idea to memorize “chunks” of words. Even if you don’t need that exact phrase, you can change some of the words and be confident that it is still correct English. For example, you might not need to say, “There are no balls in the bucket.” But you can change a few words to say useful things like “There are no eggs in the refrigerator.”


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Apr 02

april2 wikimedia commonsBaseball is a beloved game in the U.S. They are not common now, but in the past chewing gum used to come with a baseball card. The card showed a picture of a baseball player and had statistics about his performance written on the back. Some cards became very valuable.


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