Mar 28

mar28Vincent van Gogh was a famous painter from the Netherlands. Some of his most famous paintings are “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers.” He was not successful in life and suffered from mental illness. He only became famous after his death at age 37. This painting shows a wheat field, one of his favored subjects.


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Mar 26

mar26 wikimedia commonsA TV dinner is a complete meal that is sold frozen and reheated before eating. This might be the easiest way to cook a whole meal. Although you can certainly eat the dinner while watching TV, the name actually comes from the shape of the tray of the original TV dinner resembling a 1950s TV screen with speakers and controls.


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Mar 21

mar21At some holidays, such as New Year’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, adults drink a lot of alcohol. But it’s important to drink safely and not drive after drinking. Many people are killed and injured every year due to drunk driving.


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Mar 19

mar19Japanese pears are different from American pears. American pears are thin at the top and fat at the bottom; Japanese pears are round. Japanese pears are also crispier, while American pears are softer. Their flavors are also different, but both are delicious!


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Mar 14

mar14When you see “to” directly after “tell” it means to ask or order someone to do something. When there is no “to” it just means to give the person information. (“Tell me your phone number.”)



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Mar 12

mar12A tanuki (or raccoon dog) is a common forest animal in Japan, but it is unknown in the United States. When Japanese media is translated for an American audience, tanuki often become raccoons. Cartoon pictures of tanuki look very much like raccoons because of their striped tails.


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Mar 07

mar7Songs are a fun way to practice a foreign language. Sometimes you might memorize some words from the song that you don’t understand yet. Then as you study more, you suddenly understand that line from the song. A catchy song helps you focus on a small number of words over and over again.


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Mar 05

mar5The peanut butter and jelly sandwich, abbreviated as “PBJ”, is a common lunch for American children. It is easy to make, so many children can prepare their own lunch. If the bread is already sliced, all that is left is to spread the peanut butter and jelly on with a butter knife.


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