Feb 28

feb28PSY is a Korean singer who has recently become famous for the song “Gangnam Style”. His real name is Park Jae-sang. His song is popular all over the world. It has been watched more than one billion times on YouTube. It has also been parodied many times.


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Feb 26

feb26February is Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada. In the U.K. it is celebrated in October. February was chosen because it includes Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’ birthdays. Black history is a big part of American history, but it is often overlooked.



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Feb 21

feb21A trend is an overarching pattern. If long skirts are popular now, not every single person will wear a long skirt, but many people will. Long skirts are trendy. If you follow the trends, you always want to have the newest popular thing. Scientists can find trends that affect the present and guess about the future, or find trends in the past and try to explain them.


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Feb 19

feb19Many American children buy a big box of Valentine’s cards to hand out to all of their classmates. Sometimes they also give each other inexpensive candy. Adults usually only celebrate Valentine’s Day if they have a spouse or boy/girlfriend. Then they give each other presents such as flowers, chocolates, cards, or jewelry.


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Feb 14

feb14When something exists or is present we use “there is”. There is a blackboard in the classroom. If there are more than one, we use “there are”. There are many desks in the classroom. We can also say things don’t exist: There is no letter after Z. Other things simply aren’t present: There are no giraffes in the classroom.

何かが存在する、そこにある、又はいるときには「there is」を使います。「教室に黒板があります」。複数あったら「there are」を使います。「教室にはたくさんの机があります」。存在しないことも言えます。「Zの後にくる文字はありません」。他に、存在するけどここにはないものも言えます「教室にキリンはいません」。

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Feb 12

feb12February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. He is one of the most popular U.S. presidents. He was born in a one-room log cabin in 1809 in Kentucky. He was elected president in 1860. Then the Civil War began. Lincoln is credited with ending slavery in the U.S.


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Feb 07

feb7When you begin studying a foreign language, you probably translate everything into your native language. But you should try to think in the new language as much as possible. Eventually you will be able to practice anywhere without books or CDs just by thinking about how to phrase your thoughts.



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Feb 05

feb5February 2 is Groundhog Day. A groundhog is an animal that lives in a hole in the ground. On February 2, it comes out of its hole. If it sees its shadow on the ground, however, it supposedly goes back into its hole. If the groundhog sees its shadow, this is a sign that the wintry weather will continue for six weeks. Otherwise, spring will start. The name “Groundhog Day” comes from Pennsylvania, but the tradition has roots in Europe.


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