Jan 31

jan31 wikimedia commonsJohnny Depp was born in Kentucky and raised in Florida. Recently, he has been in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But he has been acting for a long time. His first movie was 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.


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Jan 29

jan29Most Americans cannot play golf, but miniature golf is a popular game that even young children can play. At each hole, the players putt their balls from the starting point and into the hole. Obstacles range from simple hills and walls to moving windmills or whimsical clowns.



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Jan 25

ME_New_Year_2013 copyNew Year キャンペーンを2月9日(土)まで開催中です。キャンペーン期間中にご入会の場合、1ヶ月のお月謝が無料に!!新しいことを始めたいな~と思っている方は是非この機会に英会話をはじめて下さいね。詳しくはお電話またはウェブサイトからお問い合わせください。

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Jan 24

jan24Blizzards are dangerous storms with lots of wind and snow. In the U.S. blizzards occur from December to March. The state of South Dakota is nicknamed “The Blizzard State” because it has so many. Blizzards are most dangerous if you are caught outside, but they can also damage buildings and cause power outages.


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Jan 22

jan22“Knock knock” is the sound of someone knocking on a door. Knock knock jokes are jokes with a certain format. For example:
A: Knock knock.
B: Who’s there?
A: Harry.
B: Harry who?
A: Harry up and let me in!

The last line is a pun using the name given in the third line (“Harry” sounds like “hurry”). The name can be a real name or any word (for example: Needle. Needle who? Needle little pocket money. Sounds like “need a little…”).


「Knock knock」は、扉を叩く音です。ノックノック・ジョークとは、決まった会話の流れで使う駄洒落です。例えば:


最後のおちは、名前をかけた駄洒落です。(英語の発音が似た「Harry(名前)」と「Hurry(急ぐ)」をかけています)本当の名前を使っても、他の単語に変えて遊ぶこともできます。(例えば:ニードルよ。フルネームは?ちょっと遊ぶためのお金が必要なの。発音の似た「Needle」と「Need a」をかけています。)

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Jan 17

jan17Bob is a teacher. He teaches at an elementary school Monday through Friday. But today is Saturday. Bob is not teaching right now. He is relaxing at the pool.

We use the simple present tense (“Bob teaches science”) to say what someone does often (or seldom or never: “Bob never plays golf”). When we talk about what someone is doing right now, we usually use the present continuous (“Bob is putting on sunscreen”).



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Jan 15

jan15Reality TV features regular people, not actors, in an extended contest to choose a winner. Compared to game shows, it focuses more on the narrative and experiences of the contestants. Some shows encourage alliances and betrayals to create drama. Reality TV became very popular around the year 2000 and continues today.


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Jan 10

ME_New_Year_2013 copyNew Year キャンペーンを2月9日(土)まで開催中です。キャンペーン期間中にご入会の場合、1ヶ月のお月謝が無料に!!新しいことを始めたいな~と思っている方は是非この機会に英会話をはじめて下さいね。詳しくはお電話またはウェブサイトからお問い合わせください。

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Jan 10

jan10What if there is something you really want to read, but it is above your level of English? If you really want to, read it anyway! If you are truly passionate about something, it will help you keep at it in spite of difficult words and slow progress. You will need a lot of time and a good dictionary!


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Jan 08

jan8It takes a while to get used to counting out money in a different country. In the U.S. there are 1, 5, 10 and 25 cent coins. Each coin has a name. One cent is a penny. A nickel is 5 cents. A dime is 10, and a quarter is 25, because it is one quarter (1/4) of a dollar. There is a dollar coin, but it is rare.


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