Dec 20

dec20Charles Dickens was a famous author. Although he wrote many popular books, we often remember him around Christmas because he wrote A Christmas Carol. It is a beloved Christmas story that has inspired many movies and plays.


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Dec 18

dec18A Christmas tree is a pine tree that is decorated for Christmas. It can be a real tree or made of plastic. Presents are piled around the base of the tree. By Christmas Eve, presents from everyone in the family have piled up. On Christmas night, the presents from Santa are added. In families with children, the pile is often very large.


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Dec 13

dec13“New Year’s is a big time for car accidents. Please don’t drive if you have been drinking!”

An “accident” can be anything that happens unintended. Sometimes there are happy accidents, which are good coincidences. But usually an accident causes damage. Traffic accidents are especially dangerous and common.


「Accident」(事故)は予期せずに起こります。良いことが偶然に起こると「Happy accident」といいます。でも、たいていの場合「Accident」は怪我や被害をもたらします。交通事故が特に危なくて多いです。

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Dec 11

Santa Claus visits your house at midnight to deliver presents. Many people leave out a glass of milk and a plate of cookies for Santa. Sometimes, Santa will leave a thank-you note when he eats the cookies. In some houses, they also leave a carrot for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.


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Dec 06

“How tall is your Christmas tree?”
“It’s about one and a half meters tall.”
“That seems a little small to me. I got a two-meter tree.”

When we say something is five miles long or three feet deep, we have to use the plural of “miles” and “feet” (unless it is only one mile long or one foot deep). But when we say it’s a five-mile road or a three-hour movie (the noun follows the measurement), we don’t put an S on “mile” and “hour”.



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Dec 04

In Japan, New Year’s is the biggest time for sending cards, but in America, it is Christmas. Some people include a letter telling what happened in their family that year. Some also personalize the card with a photo of their family, children, or pets. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so some cards say “Happy Holidays” to include all winter holidays.

日本ではお正月に年賀状を送りますが、アメリカではクリスマスにカードを送ります。その年にあった家族のニュースを書いた手紙を添える人もいます。カードを家族、子ども、ペットの写真などで自分流にアレンジする人もいます。皆がクリスマスを祝うわけではないので、他の祝日を含む「Happy Holidays」などと書いてあるカードが多いです。

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