Nov 30

Right now Modern English Onohara is having a Christmas Campaign!  Any new student who joins before December 22nd will get a Christmas Present from us!  It’s an English DVD and Christmas candy pack sent to your house from Santa!  (no, not Santa, just kidding)

Contact us and schedule a free Trial lesson today!

現在モダンイングリッシュ小野原ではクリスマスキャンペーンをしています! 12月22日までに新規入会された方には私たちからのクリスマスプレゼントを差し上げます!それはサンタからあなたの家に送られた英語版のDVDとクリスマスキャンディパックです! (いや、サンタからじゃないけどね。)


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Nov 29

Songs are a good study tool, but the words can be hard to decipher. Fortunately, many CDs come with a booklet of lyrics. If you don’t have the CD, check online. The lyrics to almost every song are available on the internet.


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Nov 27

It is said that Benjamin Franklin discovered that lightning is electrical in nature by flying a kite in a storm. He attached a key to the string to guide the electricity. The popular image of the experiment is a kite being struck by lightning, but this probably didn’t actually happen.


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Nov 26



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Nov 22

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous pop singers in the world. His songs include “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Thriller”, which had a music video featuring zombies. A famous dance move of his was the Moonwalk, in which the dancer appears to walk backwards.


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Nov 20

Plymouth Rock is the place where the pilgrims are said to have landed in 1620 in their boat, the Mayflower, before the first Thanksgiving. It is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is now inscribed with the number 1620, reflecting the year of the Pilgrims’ arrival.


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Nov 15

The stock market is the focus of a lot of financial news. On the stock market, you can buy shares in a company, or stock. If the company does well, the price of its stock will go up, and you can sell it to get back more money than you spent.


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Nov 13

“Simon Says” is a children’s game. A leader gives the players instructions such as “touch your nose” or “stand on one foot”. But the players must not follow any instruction unless it is preceded by the words “Simon says”. Players who obey directions not issued by “Simon” or who fail to do as Simon says are “out”, and the last remaining player wins.

「Simon Says」は子供の遊びです。一人のリーダーが「鼻を触れ」や「一本足で立て」など指示を出します。プレイヤーは「とサイモンが言ってる」がつかない指示には従ってはいけません。サイモンが言っていないことを聞いてしまったプレイヤーと、サイモンが出した指示に従わなかったプレイヤーは負けです。最後に残ったプレイヤーが勝ちです。

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Nov 08

“There” is a place. “Their” means “belonging to them”. “They’re” is a contraction of “they are”. These three words sound the same and are often confused even by native speakers. They’re sitting in their chairs over there.

「There(そこ、あそこ)」は場所を指します。「Their」は「彼らの」という意味です。「They’re」は「they are」を短くしたものです。この三つの単語はネイティブスピーカーでもよく混乱します。彼らはあそこで(彼らの)椅子に座っています。

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Nov 06

In many countries, black cats are considered good luck. But in the U.S. (and Canada), a black cat can bring you bad luck by crossing your path (walking across the path in front of you). This only applies to pure black cats, not cats with some black along with other colors.


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