Aug 30

Famous author Ray Bradbury died this year in June. The popular American writer was probably best known for his science fiction, but he also wrote horror, fantasy, and mystery stories. He started writing at a very young age. His most famous book is Fahrenheit 451.



Photo by Alan Light

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Aug 28

Bigfoot is a large creature that looks like a cross between an ape and a man. Some people say they have seen Bigfoot in the forests of the northwest U.S. It is called Bigfoot because it has large feet and leaves giant footprints. Do you think Bigfoot really exists?


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Aug 23

In July 2012, scientists were very excited to find evidence of the Higgs Boson. This is a particle which causes other particles to have mass. Some more familiar particles are protons, electrons, and neutrons. The results of the experiment match what scientists predicted very closely, but they want to be even more certain.



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Aug 21

Cowboy hats are tall with wide rims and lumpy tops. Today they are worn in many places, but especially in the southwest U.S. Some people wear them for fashion to create a rugged image. Some cowboy hats are called “ten-gallon hats”, but actually they cannot hold even one gallon.



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Aug 09

Bartender: Can I get you a drink, sir?
Bar patron: Yes, can I have a gin and tonic?

When asking for something, we often say, “Can I have a sandwich?” or “Could I get a vanilla ice cream?” We phrase it as a question to be more polite.



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Aug 07

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York Harbor. She holds a torch in her right hand and a tablet in her left. The statue is a symbol of the U.S. but it was actually a gift from France. A poem on a plaque at the base welcomes immigrants and refugees.



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Aug 02

For beginning students of English, subtitles are very helpful. But once your English ability has improved, you might benefit more from watching movies with no subtitles. Sometimes you rely too much on the subtitles when you could understand the English better if you listened more closely. Even beginners could try watching a movie they already know well with no subtitles!



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