Apr 24


It’s so much fun to do role-playing games with young kids. Here kids are practicing saying “Hello” and “Nice to meet you” while learning the Western-style gesture of shaking hands.  This is a normal feature of kids lessons at Onohara.

それは、若い子供たちとゲームをロールプレイングを行うためにとても楽しいです。ここで子供たちが握手をして西洋のスタイルのジェスチャーを学びながら、”Hello”と “はじめまして”と言って練習しています。これは小野原で子供たちのレッスンの正常な機能です。


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Apr 20

Recently the Yomiuri evening news broadcast aired a story about Modern English and the Tohoku volunteer program for teaching kids!  We’re famous now!


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Apr 18


Sometimes Japan amuses me.  Recently I bought a box of pear and chocolate cookies to give to my students as a souvenir.  But look closely at the box cover.

In Japanese English, a cookie is sometimes referred to as a sandwich.  But it’s usually not proper to shorten an English word for the sake of convenience like many Japanese words.  Here, ‘Sandwich’ has been improperly shortened to ‘Sand’.  This completely changes the intended meaning of the English.

Would you like to eat chocolate sand?  Not me.


日本語、英語では、クッキーは時々サンドイッチと呼ばれています。しかし、それは多くの日本語の単語のような利便性のために英語の単語を短くするために、通常は適切ではありません。ここで、 ‘サンドイッチ’が不適切に’砂’に短くされています。この完全な変更が英語の意図した意味。


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Apr 12


Ahhhh, Spring! In Japan Spring is the most special season of all.  I am very lucky to have many big cherry trees outside my office window.


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Apr 09


I teach all ages at Onohara School.  Here’s a photo of 2 of my youngest students.

Often, an older or younger sibling of my student comes to Onohara with their parents.  Sometimes I let them participate in the lesson.  During this class the older brother of one of my baby students had fun with his younger sister.




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Apr 03

Sometimes I like to make a surprise lesson for my students at Onohara. I believe this keeps the lessons fresh and interesting.

Last week my students and I played a popular English game called Scrabble.  The object of the game is to create words in English and to score points from those words.  In this game me and 3 of my students played the game together.

I did not win.


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