May 30

onohara_may30“Experts argued as to whether the leak of information to foreign governments constituted treason.”


Treasonとは国を裏切ることです。文学的に考えるとどのような裏切りにも使える単語です。昔は「high treason」が国の裏切りで「petty treason」が主人を殺すことでした。現代において主人はあまりいないので「high treason」だけが残り、「high」まで言わなくてもよくなりました。

Treason is when you betray your country. Poetically, it can also be used to refer to any betrayal. It used to be that “high treason” was betraying your country, and “petty treason” was murdering your master. Now, people don’t often have masters, so “high treason” is the only kind of treason.

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May 24

onohara_may24“The politicians debated topics such as climate change and unemployment.”

“The incident sparked a debate about immigration.”


A debate is between an argument and a conversation. There are two opposing sides and each must present facts to support their opinion. Ideally, they should not be emotional, but debates can get heated.





Debate は、口喧嘩と会話の間という感じです。対立する意見を持ち、事実などで自分の意見を支えないといけません。感情的にならないことが望ましいですが、やはり熱くなることがよくあります。

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Apr 18

april18A crisis is a very serious situation. Something very bad has happened, or could happen. When very fast inflation destroys the wealth of a country, that is an economic crisis. When a hurricane floods a city, that is also a crisis. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a crisis because a nuclear war almost started.


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