Nov 26


A traditional practical joke that dates back to at least the 1840s is to send a friend on a snipe hunt. There is no such animal as a snipe, so your friend will never catch one. The pranksters leave him alone in the forest, looking for the snipe, and go home. Many people have gone on snipe hunts at summer camps or Boy Scout camping trips.

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Nov 12


Billboards (called hoardings in other countries) are large outdoor advertisements placed next to roads so that they are visible to people in cars. You can find billboards in cities and along highways through the countryside. Some people object to billboards ruining the scenery and distracting drivers. The Glico Running Man and the Hollywood Sign are also considered billboards.

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Oct 29


If you have a computer, you probably use some Microsoft products, such as the Windows operating system or Microsoft Word word processor. Microsoft was created in 1975 in New Mexico. The name comes from “microcomputer” and “software.” Microcomputers were small compared to older computers that took up entire rooms! Microsoft had an office in Japan as early as 1977.

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Oct 08


Hurricane Sandy was the worst hurricane in 2012. Although it was only Category 2 when it hit the USA, it was the largest Atlantic hurricane ever by diameter. It had already passed over Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas. It landed in the state of New Jersey, farther north than many hurricanes, and the damage was worse because the northern US is less prepared for hurricanes.

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Sep 17

今年、ハリケーン・ドリアンの前にいくつのハリケーンがありましたか?Dがアルファベットの四つ目の文字なのでその前に三つのハリケーンがあったとわかります。ハリケーンの名前のリストはずっと前に決められました。ハリケーンが小さかったり、陸上しなかったりすると、文字を飛ばしたかのように感じられます。ハリケーンのダメージが大きいとその名前は使われなくなります。そうでないと六年後に名前を再利用することになっています。 How many hurricanes were there this year before Hurricane Dorian? We know that there were three, because Dorian starts with a D and that’s the fourth letter of the alphabet. The lists of hurricane names were chosen long ago. Sometimes it feels like a letter was skipped because a storm was not very big and didn’t touch land. If a hurricane does a lot of damage, the name will not be used again for future storms. Otherwise, the names will be recycled six years later.

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Sep 03



Late summer is the season for hurricanes. A hurricane is the same as a typhoon, just in a different part of the world. The difference between hurricanes and typhoons is location, and hurricanes are in the northern Pacific or Atlantic oceans. They are also called tropical cyclones, especially in the south Pacific and Indian Ocean.

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Aug 20

onohara_aug20Red fire ants(赤い火のアリ)は大体にして南のアメリカ合衆国に生息し、4平方フィートのアリの巣を作ります。色は赤というよりは薄い茶色に見えるかもしれません。刺されると痛いですが、アレルギーさえなければさほど危険はないはずです。実はこのファイアーアントは他のアリと違って、かみついたあとに腹部を使って刺します。

Red fire ants live mostly in the southern US and can build anthills that are four square feet in size. Their color may look more like light brown than red. Their stings are painful, but usually not dangerous unless you are allergic. In fact, the fire ant bites onto its victim and then stings using its abdomen.

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Jul 23



The brown bear is a powerful carnivore that lives in North America as well as Eurasia. It uses its claws mostly for digging. It weighs over half a ton, but it can run faster than 50 kph. There are different kinds, including the grizzly bear, and they come in many different shades of brown. Some of them can also have red, yellow, black, or cream fur.

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Jul 12


7月29日(月)~8月2日(金)/5日間 午前10:00~午後2:00 4時間(お昼ご飯1時間含む)





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Jul 09


Alexander Graham Bell is known as the inventor of the telephone. He was actually born in Scotland, but worked on the telephone in Boston (as well as Canada). The first telephone conversation was held on October 9, 1876, between Cambridge and Boston (a distance of two miles).

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