Dec 20

Thank you for those who participated in the Christmas Party!

The man in the back is Hosea sensei who sang Christmas songs for us.


Christmas Group2

Christmas is coming!
Do you know what you are going to get?

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Apr 09


I teach all ages at Onohara School.  Here’s a photo of 2 of my youngest students.

Often, an older or younger sibling of my student comes to Onohara with their parents.  Sometimes I let them participate in the lesson.  During this class the older brother of one of my baby students had fun with his younger sister.




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Feb 23


Sometimes students have special needs for their lessons. This lady has a young baby that she can’t leave alone during the day to come to Onohara and take lessons, so she brings her baby to the school and they enjoy a lesson together!

In special cases, I always do my best to accomodate my student’s needs.  What can I do for you?

時には、学生が授業のための特別なニーズを持っています。この女性は、彼女が小野原に来て、レッスンを受け、日中放っておくことができない若い赤ちゃんを持っているので、彼女は学校に彼女の赤ん坊をもたらし、彼らは一緒にレッスンをお楽しみください!   特殊なケースで、私はいつも学生のニーズに対応するように最善を尽くす。何か私にできますか?

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Feb 20


People frequently ask me “How old are your students?” My answer is “All ages.” From grandmothers to babies, I teach any and all ages at Onohara.

A baby class always involves a parent together with the baby. We all work together to give the baby a fun lesson that he/she will remember as they grow.

人々は頻繁に”あなたの生徒は何歳ですか?”私を頼む私の答えは “すべての年齢。”赤ちゃんのおばあちゃんから、私は小野原であらゆる年齢層を教えています。   ベビークラスは、常に赤ちゃんと一緒に親が含まれます。我々は、すべての赤ちゃんに彼らが成長するにつれて、彼/彼女が覚えていることが楽しいレッスンを与えるために一緒に動作します。

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