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Have you seen a movie recently about the Avengers, or Spider-Man? Then you probably saw Tom Holland, who has played Peter Parker (Spider-Man) since 2016. Holland is 23 years old and lives in London, England. He’s been performing since 2006 and first appeared on TV in 2015. He was also a voice actor in the British version of the Studio Ghibli movie Arrietty.

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Jul 12

hv104restaurantClassroom Tip

After the Hi, Hello Song, use this Storytime video to introduce the Happy Valley 2 Unit 4 vocabulary and target language. Before playing the video, talk about the picture, doing Picture Talk to see what students notice. After, play the Unit 4 chants and follow the lesson plan, choosing an activity students would like as follow-up. Or, before moving onto the chants, if this is a class of students moving up from HV1 or generally a confident group, by the 3rd lesson, you can play the story once and then as you play the video a second time, pause it after the characters say what they want and see if they can point to or say the order. In the 4th lesson, play it once through and then, using the script as a guide, point to the foods/drinks. The students can pretend to be the characters, saying the words. Remember to have them find the 4 grey targets in the picture, too!



Hi, Hello Songの後に、このストーリータイム動画でハッピーバレー2ユニット4のボキャブラリーとターゲットランゲージを紹介します。動画の前にピクチャートークで生徒が何に気付くか見てみましょう。動画の後は、ユニット3のチャントをしてレッスンプランに沿ってフォローアップアクティビティーをします。HV1を学習済みのクラスやレベル的に自信のあるクラスは、3回目のレッスンで、一度ストーリーを再生し、2回目の再生でいくつかの場所が出た後に一旦停止し、キャラクターが何を欲しいと言ったのか生徒に思い出させましょう。4回目のレッスンでは、ストーリータイム動画の後にスクリプトをガイドにして飲み物や食べ物を指さします。生徒がキャラクターになったつもりでその単語を言います。4つの灰色のターゲットを見つけるのもお忘れなく!


At Home Tip

Play the entire Happy Valley 2 Unit 4 playlist, using this Storytime video and following the Classroom Tip above to help your child learn the names of these food and drink items. Follow the tips in the chant activities to have more fun with Unit 4!





Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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7月29日(月)~8月2日(金)/5日間 午前10:00~午後2:00 4時間(お昼ご飯1時間含む)





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Bokoco https://bokoco.com/

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Jul 09


Alexander Graham Bell is known as the inventor of the telephone. He was actually born in Scotland, but worked on the telephone in Boston (as well as Canada). The first telephone conversation was held on October 9, 1876, between Cambridge and Boston (a distance of two miles).

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Jul 02

onohara_july2“There are many good reasons I should be allowed to stay up until 11:00.” 「23時まで起きてもいいという理由がたくさんあります。」
“This isn’t a debate. Go to bed.” 「これは討論ではない。もう寝なさい。」


A debate is a formal kind of argument, with rules about who gets to talk and how much. Some schools have debate clubs, and kids may be instructed to defend a viewpoint, to learn how to present a good argument. An informal conversation in which both sides argue using facts can also be called a debate, even if it has no formal rules.

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